This documents an old version of bs::framework. Click here to see the latest release.
Color gradient

Color gradient allows you to interpolate between multiple colors placed along a line at specified intervals. It is represented with a ColorGradient class. It can be initialized with 1 or multiple (up to 8) ColorGradientKey values, each containing a single Color and a time value.

// Color gradient that moves from white, to red, to green
ColorGradient gradient({
ColorGradientKey(Color::White, 0.0f),
ColorGradientKey(Color::Red, 0.5f),
ColorGradientKey(Color::Green, 1.0f),

Once created you can manually evaluate the gradient by calling ColorGradient::evaluate() with a value of t specifying a point at which to sample the gradient. The returned value is a color encoded in a 32-bit format.

// Evaluates a gradient yielding a color half way between red and green
RGBA color32 = gradient.evaluate(0.75f);
// Optionally, convert to Color
Color color = Color::fromRGBA(color32);

In most cases you will not be evaluating the gradient yourself, but rather passing it to various systems, such as the Material or ParticleEmitter.