This documents an old version of bs::framework. Click here to see the latest release.


Reference documentation for implementations of various plugins, useful primarily to those extending the engine.


 Wrapper around the DirectX 11 render API.
 Wrapper around the OpenGL render API.
 Mesh importer for the FBX file format.
 FreeType importer for font file formats (TTF, OTF).
 FreeImg importer for import of most popular image formats (for example PSD, PNG, JPG, etc.).
 NVIDIA PhysX implementation of Banshee's physics.
 Implementation of the Banshee Shading Language.
 Banshee's default renderer implementation.
 Audio system implementation using FMOD.
 Open source audio implementation using OpenAL, libFLAC and libvorbis.
 Wrapper around the Vulkan render API.
 Scripting language backend using Mono's CLR.